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The Lawn Care Entrepreneur - A Start-up Manual

RRP $16.99

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A good lawn is very often the central feature of a modern garden, whether in town or the countryside. It therefore needs much more care and very often extra expert care than many of the other plants in the garden. The properly maintained lawn is no longer just an area of grass but the backdrop or canvas for the rest of the garden. If the lawn looks good, so will the rest of the garden. Although this manual has been written with the professional gardener or aspiring lawn care specialist in mind, many of the aspects of lawn care within the volume are no more than practical advice which will be of interest and use to both the professional and amateur. This manual is business-oriented and in fact starts with generic questions about starting up a business plan and focuses down to launching a properly constituted lawn care business. It also outlines all the pitfalls of not only being in business for yourself but the implications of employing people, as well as all the anticipated issues which can result from contracting. It is constructed in such a way that whether you are thinking of starting a lawn care business or whether you are already involved, there will be something of use to you. Everything is included from how to go about your accounting to making your business legal...with even a section on the correct tools to acquire. It is written by an experienced gardener who has created a successful lawn care business and who is now passing on his experience by highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of not only working within the horticultural industry but how to go about building a business from scratch. The manual is written in a very readable and sympathetic way rather than in a technical and prescriptive style, so that it provides both an informal and informative reference source for all professional and semi-professional gardeners, without ignoring the amateur!

101 Delicious Soups, Stews, Chowders And Broths

RRP $13.99

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This superb cookbook contains instructions on how to make a hundred different tasty soups, stews, broths and chowder recipes.

Soups and stews, like salads, present an excellent opportunity for the cooks both professionally and at home to display good taste and judgment. The great challenge lies in selecting the most appropriate soup for each particular occasion.

With this cookbook, you needn't fret about a lack of choice or ideas - the simple, no-nonsense presentation gives a good impression of soups, stews and chowder entrees which have graced the dinner table for centuries. The methods described are popular, with nary a supersize photograph to distract from the essential business of preparing and serving an excellent starter.

In terms of the recipes included, ample purchase is given to vegetarians and vegans, with non-meat soups and stews available in strength throughout the text.

Those fond of meat meanwhile will be pleased to encounter a formidable variety of choice. While the author's personal emphasis is upon mutton and veal from the bone; the opportunity to make substitute with beef or pork should your locality or dietary requirements not be agreeable is there. Certain flexible and popular soups, such as tomato soup or chicken soup, receive a few variations each to appropriately tribute their versatility.

The recipes within are simply writ upon a page ready for easy, momentary consultation. Many have accompanying illustrations which depict what is cooked, but not in such size as to be obtrusive. This is a simple, unpretentious manual which tells the means and order of each dish's preparation, and that is that.

In 101 Delicious Soups, Stews, Chowders and Broths we have an excellent pocket handbook easy to bring along should you go on holiday, visit friends, go camping, or simply need to whip up a quick soup or stew in your kitchen. The text is expressly written so as to be simple to reference and absorb, with to-the-point instructions ensuring you can cook your soups with little fuss or flounder.

The experience of longtime cook and food enthusiast Delia Fitzsimmons makes this lovely little cookbook that much more useful and lively in presentation.

Whether you are completely new to the culinary preparation of soups, stews and chowders, or are experienced but require a fresh perspective or ideas to expand upon your range, this book will more than satisfy your requirements and aspirations.

Setting Up A New Library And Information Service

RRP $304.99

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Summary: This book is intended as a guide for those people who have been charged with establishing a library or information service in their organisation. It is a practical guide to the steps that need to be taken, the people that will need to be dealt with and the procedures that will have to be adopted in order to bring the venture to a successful conclusion. The book contains many practical tips and hints from the author, based upon his 'hands-on', practical experience of setting up many new information services. Key Features: It deals with the whole process - from start to finish Is based on sound principles that have worked in practice Is easy to follow as a step-by-step guide Is of value to both professional librarians and non-professional staff working in the field The Author: He has developed libraries in various government departments, colleges and other organisation such as the Human Rights Commission. Kirby Porter is currently employed as Principal Librarian for the Northern IrelandCivil Service and Head of Library Services for the Northern Assembly; he is responsible for managing the Government Library Service and advising Government departments. Readership: The book is aimed at all librarians and informational professionals, and non-librarians responsible for library collections. Those individuals involved in library organisation and information management will also find it to be key reading. Contents: Introduction - aims of the book, audience Why create a library service, purpose First steps - finding out about customers, involving customers Information audit, finding out about what you have got, finding out about what the customer needs Organising information,classification standard, cataloguing standards, copyright Planning and implementation, library lay

Push Start

RRP $18.99

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Push Start is filled with one hundred tips, tools, techniques, quotes, anecdotes, stories, ideas, thoughts, and concepts that will provide you with the motivation and inspiration to take you on your journey through life's situations and circumstances. So, push start and take your life from average to awesome.

Once Upon A Summer

RRP $24.99

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Ruth becomes preoccupied by the television news which shows the funeral of a British soldier killed in Afghanistan. This was not an uncommon event in the early 2000s, but the venue is ... the market town where Ruth grew up.

Reflecting back on her own troubled times of love and heartache, Ruth's life is changed forever.

This is a dramatic, fast moving tale of a life starting out with so much promise, taking a series of unexpected twists and turns ... not least the gripping finale.


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