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Entrepreneur Mindset

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101 Ways to Develop a Successful Entrepreneur Mindset!

I have an important question for you

What separates business owner that has started multiple 7 figure companies vs. someone who is struggling to build even 1 successful company?

Want to know the answer? Lean in


It has nothing to do with luck, having start up money, a groundbreaking idea, or any other reason you might be thinking. It's your mindset!

I know because I used to have a "broke mindset" and I was "broke because of it. I shifted my mindset and now I have a thriving profitable business that allows me to travel the world, set my own schedule, and live the life of my dreams!

Do you want to know how I did it? And how thousands of others have done it?

Download my book right now and start building the business and lifestyle you have always wanted. You can develop a successful entrepreneur mindset!

You can be successful in business. But you need to start today building your mindset

A lot of the content in this book is straight from my $1,995 coaching programbut you can get started today to just a fraction of that and start building the successful business and entrepreneur mindset you have always wanted!


RRP $674.99

Click on the Google Preview image above to read some pages of this book!

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For courses in Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, and Starting a Business.

This package includes MyEntrepreneurshipLabTM.


A Comprehensive, Practical Approach to Starting a Business

For fledgling entrepreneurs and business students, Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating A Small Businessuntangles the complex economic, financial, and professional considerations surrounding business ownership and operations.

In its Fourth Edition, Entrepreneurship takes a critical look at contemporary entrepreneurial successes, allowing students with a range of business interests to engage with and draw insight from the text. Balancing real-world case studies with thoughtful instruction, Entrepreneurship leads students to develop their business plans step by step, at the end of each chapter. This approach allows students to internalize different aspects of business ownership at a self-guided pace. The authors' combined business acumen and educational expertise make for a fluid transfer of business concepts between text, instructor, and student. Students will relish the opportunity to start drawing up a business plan right away, enhancing their experience both in and out of classroom.

Personalize Learning with MyEntrepreneurshipLab

MyEntrepreneurshipLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn, test their understanding, and pursue a personalized study plan that helps them better absorb course material and understand difficult concepts.


0134422562 / 9780134422565 Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business Plus MyEntrepreneurshipLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package, 4/e


Package consists of: 

  • 0133934454 / 9780133934458 Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business
  • 0133935876 / 9780133935875 MyEntrepreneurshipLab with Pearson eText -- access Card -- for Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business


Food Entrepreneur Foods That Make You Rich From Home

RRP $15.99

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Do you love food or are you a foody? According to an article from April 2011 in inc. magazine, the average Etsy seller makes just $785 a year, but you can do so much better and these stories show you how! Discover the stories of my food passionate friends who are able to run a profitable six figure food business and Etsy, Kindle, Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, and Pinterest experts and authorities like Jim Cockrum have called this phenomenon "a virtual empire"! If you are a foody and if you are passionate about food, you will love this guide because it is going to show you the 8 absolute most unique and creative ways of how to make some serious cash with food deciciousness! Food books have never been more enjoyable and satisfying like this food business guide because it shows everyone who has a passion for food how to make a true profitable food business out of it! In this guide you will learn about the secretly guarded from passion to profit secret ingredients that you must absolutely know about if food is your true hobby. This guide is chock full of the best food business techniques, know-how, resources, and food marketing strategies that are used by today's "Food Elite." Use these secret food tips and knowledge immediately to make profits today! The guide will reveal the secret ingredients that you need in order to achieve a successful food venture. The report covers unique ways to profit from food like "Exotic Food Creation Profits," "Profitable Fancy Cookbook Secrets," "Foody Best Selling Author," and lots more exciting ways how to make profit from food goodness ASAP! Once these secrets are in your hands, you can start impressing your family and friends with your new-found from passion to profit food knowledge. Pick up this guide to finally discover what the "Food Elite" has been secretly hiding for years. Impress the foody community around you with some mentally stimulating and enjoyable food nuggets. In summary, this guide introduces you to the most unique ways of profiting from food, and it let's you know about all the beneficial from passion to profit ways that will help you achieve the ultimate lifestyle! You will know about 8 easy to consume and apply eye-opening food business stories told by some of the most authoritative food experts and food entrepreneurs that are part of today's food elite because they have all turned their food passion into food profits. Not only do they show unique ways of how to make it in today's food business world via adding multiple income streams to ones business, but they are also showing the most strategic marketing methods that even a newbie can apply today. It is even a smarter idea to set up these multiple income streams! You already love what you are doing with food right? Talking about bending the advantages to your side! There is simply no other way to become financially independent as easily and as quickly as this because you already have all the advantages on your side. It is just a matter of turning your passions for food into a profitable food business venture and the knowledge in this guide will do the thinking for you! All you have to do is take it and then make it! Let's, go ahead and let's start digging through this guide ASAP. Run with the knowledge from this guide and become a food celebrity and authority in your own right because this amazing food opportunity is waiting for you! Make it happen today...

Start Playing Chess Today!

RRP $17.95

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Take large diagrams, straightforward instruction and helpful tips and quizzes—and what do you have? The winning formula for a quick and easy way to play chess today. Perfect for players new to the game, the author explains the basics of chess and each piece’s characteristics—how they move, their relative value and how they can be used to checkmate opponents. Players also learn the basic concepts of attacking and defending, and the mates and attacks that should be in every beginner’s arsenal. In just one reading, readers will learn the possibilities that they previously didn’t know existed to open up the exciting world of chess!

Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur Is A Spy!

RRP $13.99

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Billy Sure, kid inventor and CEO of Sure Things, Inc., discovers a big secret about his mom in the sixth book of a hilarious middle grade series!

Billy's mom has always claimed she is a scientist doing research for the government, but he's always suspected that there was more to the story. And as it turns out, he was right! His mom is a spy, and now she has enrolled him in spy school so he can create inventions for her top-secret spy unit.

Billy is thrilled, especially because he gets to try out all of the awesome spy gadgets and meet three other super smart spy kids. But when Billy is offered a chance to become a spy himself, he has a big decision to make. Does he want to become the world's youngest spyor is it enough just to be Billy Sure, Kid Entrepreneur?


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