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The Absolute Cheapest Way To Start A Doggy Daycare Business

RRP $13.99

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Do you want to be your own boss and start one of the most simple, easy and profitable home-based businesses out there today? Would you believe me if I told you I could show you how to easily start an Doggy Daycare Business, get new clients quickly but cheaply and make a great full time living with a part-time. I'm here to tell you that anybody can do it. My name is Bernard Savage and together with several other successful Business owners we have come up with the answer to your question. What is the fastest way to start and run a successful Doggy Daycare Business starting with no money? Simply having a business plan to start and run a Doggy Daycare Business is not enough. Just because someone told you how they run their Doggy Daycare Business doesn't mean yours will be a success. What can you do to ensure that you get enough new clients, maintain a professional business appearance and beat your competition? The real trick is knowing how to get new clients fast, manage those clients and charging them the right price. It's in knowing how to get your current clients to work for you and help you get new clients. With the help of proven Doggy Daycare Business owners we have developed the ultimate system that gets unbelievable results. When you use these proven techniques, you get clients and make a ton of money. In order to help you start and thrive with your Doggy Daycare Business we put together an all-inclusive easy money making system that give you everything you need to make your Doggy Daycare Business a giant success. Lean surprising inside secrets of running a successful Doggy Daycare business starting with no money, earning $60 to $300 per hour. Whether you want to start a Doggy Daycare business, a pet sitting service or something in between. This system will give you everything you need to start making $1000.00 per week in the next 30 days! 8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm) Black & White on White paper 88 pages ISBN-13: 978-1493713141 (Create Space-Assigned) ISBN-10: 1493713140

The Business Model Canvas Playbook

RRP $16.99

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This is not a fiction or non-fiction book. It is also not a workbook.

So what is it then?

This book consists of several worksheets. To be precise: 50 blank business model canvases. Since worksheet did not sound appealing enough, we chose "playbook".

A playbook contains a sports team's strategies and plays. Very similar to a business model of startups / companies.


Alexander Osterwalder's business model canvas presents a visual overview of the nine components of any business on one page. This page has nine boxes that depict the details of a company's product, customers, channels, demand creation, revenue models, partners, resources, activities and cost structure.


What exactly you do with it is up to you. I personally recommend you fill the canvases with your ideas, guesses, visions and strategies, than you experiment and test things in real life and change your business model along the way.

To do it the right way I highly recommend reading:

1. Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur. The inventors of the business model canvas. A must! Enough said.

2. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. Successfully launch your startup and prevent failure.

3. The Startup Owner's Manual by Steven Blank & Bob Dorf:

As stated by Blank & Dorf, 2012 in The Startup Owner's Manual

"As a startup moves through the Customer Development process, it will use the business model canvas as a scorecard, by posting the hypotheses about each component of the model and then revising the hypotheses as the founders gather facts.
Think of your first version of the business model canvas as the starting point showing the hypotheses that must be confirmed in face-to face or online interaction with customers. ()
Using the business model canvas as a guide makes it easier to figure out where and how to pivot, since the team can visually diagram its alternatives and see what it needs to change.
Each time the founders iterate or pivot in response to customer feedback, they draw a new canvas showing changes. Over time, these multiple canvases form a "flip book" that shows the evolution of the business model." (Steven Blank & Bob Dorf, 2012)

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A Financial Guide For Small Business

RRP $15.99

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As the title suggests, this book is a financial guide for small business. It is an easy to read, straight to the point book based on forty years of accounting and finance experience by the author. It covers key areas of financial success for a small business such as: creating a purchasing manual, controlling and promoting labor efficiency, weekly profit and loss reporting, controlling utility costs, setting operating targets and influencing revenue growth. While this book targets small businesses already in existence, there is a bonus section on creating a business plan. In addition to the book, the reader gains access to fully developed and easy to alter templates created in either Microsoft Word or Excel for creating a Purchasing Manual along with commonly used forms to compliment the purchasing function. Two of these forms help with the complicated decision process concerning whether to invest in Property, Plant and Equipment or Major Repairs. There are other templates that may help in implementing a Weekly P&L Report. Also, available is a fully developed Business Plan that should help in the creation of this start-up document along with functional financial statements and functional supporting schedules. The book gives the reader a wealth of information and provokes some thought processes critical to financial success. It could be a financially rewarding tool for little investment.

Flying Start To Literacy Level 17

RRP $7.99

Business And Economic Forecasting For The Information Age

RRP $256.99

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The globalization of business and the ubiquity of available data in the information age are the driving forces behind the increasing importance of economic forecasting. In order to remain competitive, private and public organizations alike must employ forecasting techniques effectively. Hoshmand emphasizes the application and practical use of such techniques rather than their theoretical grounding. Decision makers and students who have a solid background in economics and statistics will find this book eminently useful. After discussing the role of forecasting in business decisions, the author moves on to smoothing techniques, regression models, and the advanced time series models of Box-Jenkins. Of particular help to practitioners is the concluding chapter on how to communicate forecasts to management. Forecasting professionals and researchers will benefit greatly from the information presented by Hoshmand, especially in their role as advisors to management. Few forecasters and even fewer managers will have had the luxury to remain fully informed of the new developments in this rapidly expanding field. Meanwhile, the importance of accurate forecasting to every realm of corporate strategy-production, inventory, purchasing, accounting, marketing, finance, and acquisitions decisions, to name a few-has increased exponentially due to the proliferation of data, the heating up of global competition, and the softening of many markets. No one today can afford to remain ignorant of the importance of economic forecasting for business decisions.


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