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Export Import Business Guide

RRP $320.99

Import and export are two basic attributes of foreign trade framework. Import refers to bringing commodities or goods to your country from other parts of the world adhering to social welfare and maintaining the enforced import laws and procedures for trade purposes. Export is a profitable idea and successful dealings can turn a concern into a success overnight and earn you a big fortune. In global competitive business environment, there are big pressure on costing and prices, Calculating and winning a competitive prices of their products or services in international market place, is boon for marketer, which can fit for consumers and matching with their purchasing powers. Communication helps to services and products information in the market by different ways. Communication is parallel work with transporting system which is driving the information from starting to end point on the delivery.

Cleaning Business

RRP $13.99

Although it may not seem like it, cleaning is big business. A well step up residential cleaning business can earn you substantial amounts of money (to the tune of $50,000+ per year). However, many people intent on starting this business tend to underestimate the amount of preparation and effort that goes into establishing such a business. After all, we all clean, right? Right, but cleaning another person's home for monetary gains/fee is infinitely different from cleaning your residence. When the word 'business' enters into the picture, a lot changes. Suddenly, the differences become clear: the person you are cleaning for expects value for money. If you are keen on starting a profitable residential cleaning business that provides value to its clients, you need to avoid common pitfalls made by beginners venturing into this business. Fortunately, this book, has everything you need to create a profitable and immensely valuable cleaning business. Here is a preview of what you'll learn This guide will teach you how to get started on the business. The book will also look at the intricacies of owning and running a successful residential cleaning business. You will learn the pros and cons of this type of business, the items you need to set up the business and get started, how to market your business for maximum exposure once it is up and running, how to price cleaning jobs, how to build a brand that stands out from the competition, and many more. Introduction Chapter 1: Getting Started Chapter 2: The Benefits And Challenges Of A Residential Cleaning Business Chapter 3: Basic Supplies Needed To Start Chapter 4: Marketing Your Business - Powerful Marketing Tactics Chapter 5: Powerful Branding That Beats Your Competition Chapter 6: How to price jobs right for maximum profit Chapter 7: Keeping Clients long-term

Start A Business With What You Have

RRP $18.99

This Book contains 950 prayers that will ensure super natural Breakthrough in your life and Business using what you have to start a with. Everyone will properly have one thing or the other in their possession to start a business but we always look for what we don't have. Gods contact point for supernatural supplies is always around you, but you hardly recognize them. It is your enemy that wants you to believe that what you need to turn your dream into reality are things you don't have. You always hear people saying Oh if only I had this I will do that. You must have had read Motivational Books heard messages from Motivational Speakers, Conferences, Seminars saying that you should start a business with what you have, but 90% of people that have heard these messages don't put into practice what they learned. Devil is not sleeping and he will never allow you to start a Business immediately. Ability to start a Business with what you have and Breakthrough supernaturally is by Divine Intervention. You need the grace of God to accomplish that. The Devil will try his best to discourage you from starting with what you have.This Book also contains 800 Most Common Small Businesses you can embark upon Starting with what you have. Included in this book are 950 powerful prayers that will Guarantee Financial and Business Breakthrough starting with what you have. All the prayer points are result filled that will put Devil to shame. Just follow the instructions in the books when you are praying.

Starting A Sport

RRP $15.99

Sports are fun! Whether you're playing soccer, T-ball, or something else, this carefully leveled text will prepare you for starting a new sport. Colorful and exciting photographs help explain the topic while drawing readers in. Critical thinking questions, a photo glossary, and other fun features introduce young readers to the basic building blocks of nonfiction. Let's play ball!

Strauss's Handbook Of Business Information

RRP $305.99

While widespread use of the Internet has made a vast amount of information within reach of the masses, specific knowledge is still required in order to find what is being sought on the web. Accordingly, public and academic librarians are finding themselves working closely with users at both ends of the information seeker spectrum more than ever before. This third edition of Strauss's Handbook of Business Information provides an up-to-date reference guide to business resources, both in print and online. Organized into two parts, the first six chapters address general areas of business while chapters 7 through 16 cover more specific topics, such as marketing, investment, and real estate. This book is invaluable to librarians in academic, public, and special libraries as well as business and library students studying business information or business research.


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