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Postgraduate Research In Business

RRP $244.99

In Postgraduate Research in Business, Sarah Quinton and Teresa Smallbone provide a vital introduction to the research process and the thinking and learning skills needed to successfully complete postgraduate research. In step-by-step terms, the authors detail the 'tools of the trade' - the practical and the intellectual skills - that underpin the study of Business and Management, from research skills and project planning to strategies for reading, writing and presentation. Postgraduate Research in Business provides: " A student-friendly guide to thinking critically about Business and Management research " Guidance on the best way to approach research " A clear focus on finding research topics and developing them in to dissertations " Essential help in forging critical reading skills " Helpful advice on making your research project manageable " An inside view on the assumptions and requirements of post graduate research in business " Structured support for writing up your research This is essential reading for any student doing an MBA, an MA, or starting a PhD in Business or Management Studies. It will provide a vital supplement to the plethora of textbooks in Business and Research Methods.

Cleaning Business

RRP $13.99

Although it may not seem like it, cleaning is big business. A well step up residential cleaning business can earn you substantial amounts of money (to the tune of $50,000+ per year). However, many people intent on starting this business tend to underestimate the amount of preparation and effort that goes into establishing such a business. After all, we all clean, right? Right, but cleaning another person's home for monetary gains/fee is infinitely different from cleaning your residence. When the word 'business' enters into the picture, a lot changes. Suddenly, the differences become clear: the person you are cleaning for expects value for money. If you are keen on starting a profitable residential cleaning business that provides value to its clients, you need to avoid common pitfalls made by beginners venturing into this business. Fortunately, this book, has everything you need to create a profitable and immensely valuable cleaning business. Here is a preview of what you'll learn This guide will teach you how to get started on the business. The book will also look at the intricacies of owning and running a successful residential cleaning business. You will learn the pros and cons of this type of business, the items you need to set up the business and get started, how to market your business for maximum exposure once it is up and running, how to price cleaning jobs, how to build a brand that stands out from the competition, and many more. Introduction Chapter 1: Getting Started Chapter 2: The Benefits And Challenges Of A Residential Cleaning Business Chapter 3: Basic Supplies Needed To Start Chapter 4: Marketing Your Business - Powerful Marketing Tactics Chapter 5: Powerful Branding That Beats Your Competition Chapter 6: How to price jobs right for maximum profit Chapter 7: Keeping Clients long-term

9 Things You Must Know Before Starting A Business

RRP $13.99

This "how to" book offers a broad stroke look into an understanding of what is required in starting a business by outlining the basics such as creating a business plan, hiring the right people, having the right financial skills, marketing and internet presence, etc into 9 areas of importance. It is easy to understand and a clear and concise summation of the basics of starting a business. Common Sense is the underlying theme throughout the book while covering the different aspects involved in getting started to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I'm Starting School: First Phonics

RRP $9.99

Give your children a head start at primary school with this essential wipe-clean activity book.

A fun and engaging First Phonics activity book that will give children a head start as they get to grips with learning to read and write at school. Designed to complement the National Curriculum, it gently introduces children to phonics and equips parents with the tools and information needed to support them.

The consultant-approved activities are fun to do and combined with funny pictures and silly jokes that children will love. The first steps to school success!

This book includes:

Activities that teach the first 15 phonemes (sound units) that children will learn in reception

Supportive tips and information for parents

Wipe-clean pen

Also available: First Numbers, First Writing, First Day, Times Tables Flash Cards, First Phonics Flash Cards

Why You Need A Business Story And How To Create It

RRP $42.95

As a journalist, broadcaster and producer I learned the art of finding and telling other people's stories. Later in life as a creative director for an international advertising and marketing agency I had the privilege of helping world-class brands, such as Google, 3M, and Dell, create stories that connected with customers beyond the product benefits. In 2014, I set myself the task of writing a book that would provide a process to enable anyone to create their own authentic business story. I have made the process as simple as possible so that it is easy to action. But that does mean this book is not the usual 300 pages but instead a slim book containing just the information you need to create your business story quickly. Why You Need A Business Story And How To Create It is a tested method for creating your own powerful business stories that you will be able to write, tell and share today.


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