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Super Skills How To Be A Blogger & Vlogger In 10

RRP $16.99

How to be a Blogger and Vlogger: Covers the ten core skills to master in order to get started in the world of blogging, vlogging and podcasting. From planning what you want to share with the world and learning how to stay safe online, to finding out the top tips for filming a vlog, this book leads the way.

Journaling Through A Breakup

RRP $13.99

Have you just been blindsided by a breakup summons? Shocked, shattered, and demoralized are just a few of the emotions that are fueling your injured state of mind, yet you still have to function. Do you have important decisions to make that not only involve you, but possibly children, pets, your family and friends? How will you be able to make sense of it all when you can't see past your feelings? How will you be able to survive the emotional rollercoaster you just got strapped into? My eight step journaling process will not only help ease the pain of a break-up, but it can help you overcome any adverse event in your life. Whether it's being laid off from your job, the death of a loved one or even an illness that is mentally and emotionally holding you back, this book can help you successfully navigate troubled waters. Journaling will help you to sort it all out. It will help you to feel what you need to feel. You will be able to take a step back and examine what happened and discover what emotions are taking over so you can gain and keep control to make those decisions you never thought you'd have to make. In this book you will learn how to: Journaling to get through the day Manage and come to terms with your emotions Write a therapeutic Kiss Off letter Recover and reclaim happiness through substitutions, self-evaluation and revelations Don't let the destruction of your relationship rule your emotions and your actions. If you want to get off that couch and enter the world of the living once again, you need to put in the work. You can recover and reclaim your happiness and health again and journaling will help you get there! Don't wait to start journaling! Follow these 8 steps to help you discover your unique path to a better, happier and emotionally healthier you! And when you do this, you will feel whole again."

Plateau Uplift

RRP $271.99

This volume offers an account of the scientific outcome of a Priority Programme (Schwerpunktprogramm) which the Deutsche Forschungsgemein- schaft (DFG; German Research Society) promoted during 6 years from 1976 to 1982. In the understanding of the DFG, a Priority Programme involves the financing and coordination of research efforts of a group of investigators, possibly from several institutions, and is in- tended to concentrate on one particular topic and/or on one maJor area of interest over a period of, as a rule, 5 years. Discussions on the feasibility of a major programme on vertical move- ments started in 1971. The tentative programme was published under the title Terrestrial Vertical Movements in the DFG's planning docu- ment Grauer Plan IV: 1972-1974; p. 152. Deliberations within the Na- tional Committee for the International Geodynamics Project and in the Senate Commission for Joint Research in Earth Sciences (Geokommission) set out the scope of the project and envisaged an investigation of the Rheinische Schild, (i. e. , the Rhenish Massif east and west of the River Rhine). Seventeen geoscientists participated in a round-table dis- cussion on the subject Vertical movements and their causes as exempli- fied in the case of the Rheinische Schild, which took place at Bonn- Bad Godesberg on 8th July 1975. At this meeting the scientific objec- tives came more clearly into focus. A Programme Committee formulated the proposal to be put to the Senate of the DFG.

God Death Start

RRP $17.99

I had a dream last night about a bookthat was written by a friendand passed from person to person around me.I was curious,I was jealous,I was excited,but I did not read the book.When I awoke, I decided to write it.What follows is the inspiration from that dream,a vivid hallucination-inspired fury of wordsdetailing various aspects of existence and nonexistenceas seen through the mental lensof a twenty-something-year-old.And, just as in the dream,this fury will be calledGOD DEATH START

The Cup Of Death

RRP $121.99

Mortals, elves, magicians, and dragons represent both the world's future and its evil past. Who of them, in this battle of life and death, will ultimately triumph?
Book One of the Chronicles of the Dragons of the Magi begins millennia after the Great War, after those who had been placed in stasis are awakened. Through the labor of the First Seer and the Five Great Elemental Dragons, a simpler way of life has been created. The technology that led to worldwide destruction has been replaced by magic, while the old knowledge remains within the lost Shelter Cities.
Into this world of the ten island continents, a division between those who follow the path of life and those who follow death reemerges. Into this troubling time is born a young Magi, blessed with powers beyond his eighteen years. As an apprentice necromancer, he submits to training and tests, and quickly advances through the Guild's many degrees. But even as his powers grow, who knows if the young man's magic will prove great enough to defeat the Evil Alliance.


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