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Caught Up

RRP $18.99

Tiffany Mullins is no stranger to discipline and determination. She knows that it's like to start from nothing, and has spent her youth determined to create a better life for herself.

For Alexander Richardson, three words define his life: Whatever. It Takes. He has built his business empire not just on his smarts, but his ruthlessness as well, never hesitating to crush or acquire his competition.

Tiffany's career is on its way up, but her love life has left town. Alex is one of Chicago's most successful and recognizable businessmen, but his ruthless, driven personality prevents anyone from getting too close. When he and Tiffany are thrown together because of a messy intellectual property case, the sparks fly - and not just in the courtroom. Has Tiffany's string of heartaches come to an end, and can Alex let down his guard long enough to let her love him?

*** Adult Novel With 18+ Content ***

Puppy Private Investigators

RRP $16.99

Phyllis Trotter started her morning looking forward to a good morning and brunch with her friends when she realizes she is missing some ingredients needed for the get together. She has time to run to the store and back and still get everything ready before her guests arrive. Upon Phyllis' return she finds her front door ajar. Walking closer to her door and being able to see inside, she finds that the Grandfather Clock that was a family heirloom has been stolen. Who could have taken it in such a short amount of time, and who will help her find it? She then sees an ad in the paper that she got at the store. Private investigator: Never has there been a case I could not solve. B. Stone PPI. Best in the business.

The Blair Supremacy

RRP $405.99

Lewis Minkin has immense experience of the Labour Party and has acted as adviser to two major internal reviews of the internal party organisation. As the author of two widely acclaimed and original studies on the Labour Party, The Labour Party Conference and The Contentious Alliance, he possesses an unrivalled grasp of the subtleties and nuances of Labour's internal relationships. The Blair Supremacy is groundbreaking in its investigation of the processes, methods, character and politics of party management, during a period when Blair strengthened his own position as he and his allies and managers drove the party through a ferment of new developments under the name 'New Labour'. For this book Minkin has been able to draw on a wealth of sources unavailable to other scholars. What is uncovered here is revealing and at times startling. It includes an extensive covert internal organisation, a culture which facilitated manipulation and what can be described as a rolling coup. These developments are rigorously and critically examined with a strong focus on three fundamental questions: How were these changes achieved? Was it, as it was often represented, a complete supremacy? Why did it end so badly with Blair being forced, in effect, to step down? The study challenges many misconceptions and sheds new light on the Blair legacy and on the intense controversies surrounding him. It also adds greatly to our understanding of some acute contemporary problems in British political life.

Start Reading

RRP $14.99

Start Reading is a new series of highly enjoyable books for beginning readers at KS1. They have been carefully graded to correspond to the Book Bands now widely used in schools. This enables readers to be sure that they choose books that match their own ability. There is very careful and gentle graduation from Band to Band.

The books can be shared with an adult or read independently. They promote the enjoyment of reading through reading real, satisfying stories with a beginning, a middle and an end.

This is a series of 4 books at band 3 of the Start Reading programme. Pip's Pets is about Pip and his pets- Coco the cat, Digby the Dog, Sid and the snake and the perfect pet.

How To Be A Grown Up

RRP $16.99

Not every adult is worth their salt, not every person who is "aged" exudes maturity where and when they ought, this is even more so for minors. Being a grown up with all its attendant benefits is however not out of reach to individuals who understand just what it would take to appear, act up and be regarded as a grown up. This book is written to take you by the hand and show you step-by-step the details you need to know and act upon to achieve a solid grown up status. Whether you are ten years old or fifty years, whether you are in Europe or the America's, Asia, Africa or Australia, this book is designed and written to accommodate and be of immense benefit to you. Whatever your need for wanting to be seen and or regarded as a grown up you are more than likely to find something useful and relevant in this book. So if your purposes have anything to do with being a grown up, go ahead and grab this precious book while it's still available.


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