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Awakened By A Kiss (book 5, Once Upon A Romance Series)

RRP $16.99

Can a kiss change your life? Evelyn White wants a baby. On her own. It's ironic that the King's Department Store wedding assistant doesn't plan on having a wedding for herself. She'd rather tackle parenthood on her terms. Less fuss. Less mess. And there's no one to have to deal with when making decisions. Will being a single mom be everything it's cracked up to be? Evelyn questions herself when her heart goes pitter-patter after clumsily dropping her tote bag and its contents, and then staring up into the breathtaking baby blues of the man she practically maims. Shane Weston fears divorce. He's been put through the wringer ever since his parents' messy break up years ago. To this day, he's still refereeing their ongoing squabbles. So, when he hears who his cousin is marrying, he rushes to stop the certain disastrous union and save his cousin from the worst mistake of his life. But he needs allies to achieve his goal. He's doing everything in his power to enlist the help of King's wedding assistant. Only he's not so sure his reasons are pure anymore when Evelyn and he pretend to be a couple and he starts falling for her, hard and fast. Attraction leads to a kiss. The kiss awakens Evelyn to things she never knew she wanted. The same kiss puts Shane's heart at risk. Neither Evelyn nor Shane want a romance. They have better things to do with their lives. But will one spectacularly amazing kiss change both their views on marriage and their dreams forever? And can Evelyn and Shane put aside what they long for in order to make way for a love of a lifetime?

Plateau Uplift

RRP $271.99

This volume offers an account of the scientific outcome of a Priority Programme (Schwerpunktprogramm) which the Deutsche Forschungsgemein- schaft (DFG; German Research Society) promoted during 6 years from 1976 to 1982. In the understanding of the DFG, a Priority Programme involves the financing and coordination of research efforts of a group of investigators, possibly from several institutions, and is in- tended to concentrate on one particular topic and/or on one maJor area of interest over a period of, as a rule, 5 years. Discussions on the feasibility of a major programme on vertical move- ments started in 1971. The tentative programme was published under the title Terrestrial Vertical Movements in the DFG's planning docu- ment Grauer Plan IV: 1972-1974; p. 152. Deliberations within the Na- tional Committee for the International Geodynamics Project and in the Senate Commission for Joint Research in Earth Sciences (Geokommission) set out the scope of the project and envisaged an investigation of the Rheinische Schild, (i. e. , the Rhenish Massif east and west of the River Rhine). Seventeen geoscientists participated in a round-table dis- cussion on the subject Vertical movements and their causes as exempli- fied in the case of the Rheinische Schild, which took place at Bonn- Bad Godesberg on 8th July 1975. At this meeting the scientific objec- tives came more clearly into focus. A Programme Committee formulated the proposal to be put to the Senate of the DFG.

Dead Church. Stupid God?

RRP $19.99

The Apostle Paul was not a great "Church Planter." The Bible does NOT say we are supposed to go and start a new Church, invite everyone in the neighborhood and then slowly try to convert them. In the first place man cannot bring someone to God through Jesus Christ. Only the Holy Spirit can bring someone to God through Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul was obedient to God's will and did as he was instructed. "Go and make Disciples" Not go and plant churches. The Christian Church has spent more than 2,000 years trying to do things the way THEY think is best instead of just doing what God told them to do. Go and make Disciples and the Church can minister the Gospel to every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth in less than 33 years. Don't believe it? Read this book.

Cambridge Primary Mathematics Starter Activity Book A

RRP $7.99

Cambridge Primary Mathematics is a flexible and engaging course written for the Cambridge Primary Maths Curriculum. Cambridge Primary Mathematics is a flexible and engaging course written specifically for the Cambridge Primary Mathematics Curriculum Framework. Cambridge Primary Starters are complementary activity books which are specially designed as preparatory activity books before children embark on the Cambridge Primary curriculum at Grade 1. The Starters provide a range of activities which will help children acquire the vital numeracy skills they will need for primary school, such as numbers, counting, identifying shapes and comparing sizes and quantities. They include discreet activity guidance for teacher or parent as they support their child in completing the activities.

Geometric Group Theory Down Under

RRP $576.99

This book is the completely refereed proceedings volume of the Special Year and International Conference on Geometric Group Theory in Canberra, Australia, 1996. Topics covered include algebraic and geometric automorphism groups, the geometric invariants of a group, automatic and hyperbolic groups, convergence groups, combinatorial approach to conformal structure, Artin groups and braid groups, and distortion of subgroups. The volume consists of 17 contributions including both research and research/expository papers, and should be an important resource for a wide variety of algebraists and geometers.


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