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Upscale Your Virtual Assistant Business

RRP $13.99

This book is primarily written for new, aspiring, and struggling Virtual Assistants, but will serve also to provide valuable insights and ideas for all Virtual Assistants. My intention is that you learn how to become an effective and exceptional Virtual Assistant and where to find clients and how to keep them.

In the pages of this book, you can count on me to share what I myself have learned that has enabled me to have a successful Virtual Assistant business. When I started, I was putting in 16-18 hour days, but I am pleased to report that I now work the hours I choose, have a wonderful client roster and a six-figure annual income. I say this not to brag, but to share with you what truly is possible.

There are tricks of the trade I wish someone had shared with me when I was first starting out. I will be teaching several of these in this book, so you won't need to spend long days as I did.



"Jaimie provides excellent service to all of her clients, including those needing rush jobs. She stays on top of everything and is very organized. I have been on Jaimie's team since 2012 and love the fact that she communicates very well with her clients and her peers. She willingly shares her expertise regarding the Virtual Assistant field and I have learned a lot from her. She will always to lend a helping hand. Her knowledge of social media is beyond belief. I have learned from various sources, but it's amazing how she constantly gives me tips and tricks on how to take things to the next level for clients as well as for my own business."

Richard Rinyai, Virtual AssistantOwner, Virtual Office Guy

"Jaimie and I are in the same profession. I can't say enough about her. Her guidance and advice has helped me in every way to grow my business. She is extremely knowledgeable in social media and she has a fabulous background in processes and systems. This, along with her kind and patient demeanor, makes her an absolute winner in my book and for sure she would be in yours."

Stephanie Scharer, Virtual Assistant

"Jaimie is an absolute superstar at being a virtual assistant. Her depth of knowledge and out-of-box ideas adds major value to businesses. I assist Jaimie with some of her client assignments and highly recommend her for her creativity, being reliable and her excellent work. She loves what she does and you can absolutely see that every time in the quality of the job she does."

Haja, Virtual Assistant

"Jaimie is the best VA I've ever had. She is the perfect role model for VAs. When you look up "virtual assistant" in the dictionary, I think you'll find a picture of Jaimie. Just kidding of course, but she is the best. Jaimie really understands what a business owner needs. I never have to worry about her completing an assignment or project on time and within budget. Jaimie acts with integrity and makes each client feel like her most important client. She is trustworthy and has great customer service skills. Many of my clients comment about her responsiveness and her friendly yet professional style. She has enhanced my company brand."

Beverly Harvey, ClientOwner, Harvey Careers

"Jaimie's passion for making business development happen is apparent in everything she does. I have been a small business owner since 1993 and appreciate that Jaimie is a rare find in that she thinks strategically and tactically, positions rapidly, and executes flawlessly. Jaimie understands my strategy and has saved my company time and money by taking appropriate initiatives to streamline processes. I recommend her highly for any small business owner who wants to proactively build a business!"

Annette Baron, ClientOwner, Proposal

Startup Guide To Church Sound & Video

RRP $18.99

Startup Guide to Church Sound & Video is a comprehensive how to on setting up both your church sound and video departments. Learn how to run the sound and video equipment and what equipment needed to develop those departments. Startup Guide to Church Sound & Video will help you if you are interested in becoming a professional sound or video tech.

Origins - The Day The Earth Was Smashed Like A Cup

RRP $13.99

EVIDENCE FOR THE BIBLICAL DELUGE and our almost complete destruction and our late origins are presented in this book. Were the first two Pharaohs of ancient Egypt the direct descendants of Noah? Is there an image in ancient Egyptian art of the Ark and its eight occupants? Does biochemical analysis of Fossil fuels provide evidence for the Great Deluge? This book is dedicated to an understanding of our Origins, the universe, our planet Earth, life and civilization. In easy readable essay format it explores the science, myth and legend of Origins. Starting with the Big Bang origins of the universe it examines space, time and the existence and nature of mass, exploring the weird and wonderful world of Einstein's space-time. Is time constant? How and why did everything come into existence? The existence of life, so peculiar to our world and the early formation of our Earth and the presence of its unexplained vast oceans are investigated, resulting in a surprising conclusion: a 'Sword of Damocles' of total destruction hanging over life on Earth. The rise of early civilization, ancient Kings and Pharaohs, gods and Demi-gods are also explained.

Stop The Fat Start The Fit

RRP $13.99

I am a singer, songwriter, rapper, trainer, psychology major, artist, author...a Queen of all trades. I was once held back from really tapping into all of my talents because I was a diamond in the rough. I struggled with my weight for years and eventually it almost got the best of me. We are all diamonds and some of us just need to be a little cleaned up to really shine! I wrote this book for that reason alone. Not only did I lose weight but I totally re-invented myself. I went from being scared to go outside due to feeling ashamed of being fat to performing my songs on stages all around my city in front of lots of fans. I went from feeling like a nobody to being the STARR that I always was, but just couldn't see it. I am not only sharing the importance of portion/calorie control paired with working out. I am bearing the gift of MOTIVATION. I want to show you how to BE A BETTER YOU. Whether you need to drop some pounds or just simply need an upgrade on YOU, this is the guide.

Small Group Research

RRP $491.99

Small group research is of particularly wide interest to people working in a fairly broad variety of areas concerned with understanding conflict, especially for practitioners and researchers concerned with conflict resolution, peace, and related areas. The editors will focus on six main topical areas of small group research, which include: - Cooperation, competition, and conflict resolution - Coalitions, bargaining, and games - Group dynamics and social cognition - The group and organization - Team performance - Intergroup relations


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