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Small Group Starter Kit

RRP $18.99

Do you want to build significant relationships, grow in your knowledge and understanding of Scripture, and learn how to reach out to others? Do you wonder how to begin? In this easy-to-use guide Jeff Arnold provides you with everything you need for the first meetings of a small group. Getting acquainted, setting expectations, studying Scripture--it's all here in a step-by-step format that will help you get started well.

The Smaller Academic Library

RRP $268.99

As advertised, the book offers a source of strategies and practical solutions to vexing and recurrent problems which readers can tailor to their individual needs. By and large, the authors eschew the theoretical and anecdotal extremes in favor of applied, first-hand experience with good effect. The book is carefully edited, well indexed, has a serviceable binding, and clear sharp type. It is highly recommended as an important resource that belongs in the professional collection of every small academic library. Journal of Academic LibrarianshiP The Smaller Academic Library, which is a collection of thirty essays by diverse hands on the management of libraries in colleges of up to about 7,500 students, should help practitioners build that kind of leadership and sense of mission. It contains, in general, an excellent body of information on the administration, personnel, budgets and finance, collections, user programs and services, and physical plant that touches on virtually every aspect of the administration, management, and operation of smaller academic libraries in a lively and useful fashion. Wilson Library Bulletin This handbook is intended for librarians involved with smaller academic libraries, that is, those which serve institutions with enrollments from 200 to 7,500 students. Consisting of contributions from librarians actually working in these libraries, it is intended to provide solutions to recurrent problems. The contributors offer their own strategies for use both as models and as starting points from which readers may generate their own solutions. They possess a wide range of experience and discuss a broad spectrum of pertinent topics. This is apt considering the diverse character of smaller academic setting, may also evidence a common set of problems. Each chapter includes either references or a bibliography, and a bibliographic essay completes the volume.

How To Start A Chronic Illness Small Group Ministry

RRP $19.95

I'm thinking about starting a small group for people in my church who have a chronic illness but I don't really know where to start . . .I feel like God wants me to start a small group to encourage people with illness. How do I commit to it with my illness constantly changing? I've led a support group for people with illness in my community, but my pastor has asked me to consider something at my church. I'm a little bit scared of not having all the answers when it comes to my faith and my disease.I was sure God wanted me to start an illness small group in my church. But when I presented it to the pastoral team they didn't seem enthusiastic, and they told me to come back after my illness was better. I got the feeling they wanted me to be healed first. So. . . what now? Drawing from more than a decade's worth of feedback from hundreds of Christian small groups for those with chronic illness, author Lisa Copen will guide you through your concerns, worries, and questions and help you put your passion into action.You will discover: - What a chronic illness is & does it matter if it's invisible - A brief history of illness ministry in the medical community - Benefits of small group ministry for the individual & the church - How to lead when you are ill - Steps to formulate the purpose of your small group, the logistics, guidelines, and your vision - Preparing your presentation to church leadership - Planning your first meeting - Promotion and attendance tips - Maintaining a positive group when things get difficult - How to answer tough questions about healing and suffering - A special chapter on ways a church can make a significant difference in the lives of the chronically ill * Bonus checklist to follow along while you plan!

Starts With A Kiss

RRP $17.99

With the help of a seemingly innocent spell, Anya Ramsay is about to completely change the direction of her life-and it'll be a wilder ride than she ever expected. STARTING OVER Everything will finally be better. In college Anya Ramsay made the worst mistake of her life, but a gypsy spell now offers the chance to have done everything different. To have done everything right. The college car accident that disfigured her face and paralyzed basketball star Ryder Brandt, the man she's always loved? It'll have never happened. But nothing is ever so easy, just as some things-like Ryder's kiss-can never be forgotten. To rectify all, Anya has to come to terms with who she is and what she's done. Rewriting this mistake will be a ride wilder than the original, but at the end of the trip is a happy ending-and a life with the perfect man for her past, present and future.

Don't Dance In A Small Boat

RRP $0.00

This romantic rouse crosses the Pond from Ireland to America. It's 1985. Rich American Businessman Bradford Thompson is at Dublin's Trinity College to interpret the message of The Book of Kells. When he collides with Mary Grace Clooney, she turnes his world upside down and inside out. A twist of fate? Perhaps. Bradford, enraptured with the young girls's Irish suductiveness, needs to bring Mary Grace to America as his mistress. But Mary Grace has a secret scheme of her own... Has Bradford fallen into her trap? This Dublin game player is blessed with gypsy power, clever allies, and the guidance of her Grandmum Clooney, who spouts Irish wit and Irish warnings. When Mary Grace threatens Bradford's world, the game turns vicious. These prime players will stop at nothing to triumph. But alas! There can only be one winner left dancing!


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