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Small Business Marketing In A Week

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Marketing your small business just got easier

It's been said that the most important area for any business to focus on is its marketing. Of course, there are areas like finance, customer service, and the product or service itself which are key, but without good marketing approaches, there's no revenue for your account systems to do their job,

there's no customer to serve and the product or service becomes redundant.

Most business owners are experts in what they do and so they should be. What they also have to be good at is marketing what they do. And if you feel there's more you could be doing on the marketing front, then this book will give you those ideas. As a small business owner you get involved in all aspects of your business and marketing is such a large field, you can't be expected to learn everything you need in one day. So to break down this behemoth of a topic, we'll approach it a bite at a time.

You have in your hands a tool that will guide you through what's needed day by day over the period of a week. That way you're not trying to eat the elephant all at once. The unpredictable nature of marketing your business will start to disappear, as you move through the necessary steps needed

to make your marketing efforts more effective than ever before. Some of the ideas you may already be implementing, while others may well be new to you. Either way, putting them together into a proven system will enable you and your business to thrive, regardless of the economic climate you find yourself in.

You're about to learn, in a week, how you can have a marketing system that enables you to attract, win and keep more customers and, as a result, build your sales and your profitability.

- Sunday: Preparing the ground

- Monday: Attracting the right type of customers

- Tuesday: Keeping your customers longer

- Wednesday: Increasing customer loyalty and purchasing frequency

- Thursday: Increasing the value of your sales

- Friday: Getting new clients and better clients, faster

- Saturday: Measuring and managing your marketing activities

About the Author

John Sealey has run his own small business for over 13 years, providing marketing services to a wide variety of SMEs. He is an acknowledged expert in local internet and mobile marketing.

Enhancing The Managerial Dna Of Your Small Business

RRP $68.99

While the desire to start a business has long been a pillar of the American dream, the reality is that many entrepreneurs begin their businesses with no business training; and, sadly, many fall victim to barely being able to make the business work (or even business failure) due to a lack of business knowledge and skills. Of course, knowing business basics before starting the business would be the best approach, but what about those business owners who have already begun their ventures? For those wanting to start businesses as well as those who already have, this book will seek to serve as an executive guide that will concisely fill in the gaps in business knowledge that are essential to making a business successful. The book will focus on five key areas that a business owner needs to understand, in order to effectively manage the venture. Those areas are: Strategic planning; Entrepreneurial finance; Entrepreneurial marketing; Cash flow management; and, Cost control. The book will also include brief bonus coverage of important topics such as break-even analysis, legal structures, and intellectual property.

A Small Guide To Building Bigger Arms

RRP $16.99

Preface Chapter # 1: The Role of Nutrition in Bodybuilding Benefits of Proper Nutrition How Often to Eat How Much Should You Eat What Should You Eat Chapter # 2: How Long Should You Train Fitness Level Experience Training Duration When Will You See Results Chapter # 3: Warming Up The Benefits of Warming Up How to Warm-Up for Arm Workouts Chapter # 4: Exercises for Shoulders Formation of the Shoulders Best Exercises for Massive Shoulders Chapter # 5: Exercises for Bigger Triceps Formation of the Triceps Exercises Chapter # 6: Exercises for Biceps Formation of the Biceps Exercises to Perform Chapter # 7: Avoiding the Plateau How the Body Adapts Chapter # 8: Introduction to Injuries Types of Injuries Causes of Arm Injuries Chapter # 9: Treatment and Prevention of Injuries Preventing Injuries Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Preface When trying to determine how muscular one is, the arms are usually the first indicator. While not everyone might be able to grow their arms easily, just a little muscle goes a long way in giving you pride. Building your arms will not only make them grow in size, but they will also become stronger. Activities that used to make you sweat will start feeling like a piece of cake. As if that's not enough, big arms will get you compliments from both men and women. But to achieve that, you will need to listen to the right advice. Exercise alone will not do it. If you are serious about getting big arms, read this book now, as it has everything you must know to get the arms you dream of. Enjoy the reading.

How To Start A Sentence

RRP $18.99

How to start a sentence in English | sentence beginnings | starting a sentence is easy | this book has following topics - start a sentence- using 'as' | start a sentence- using 'after' and 'before' | start a sentence- using 'by' | start a sentence- using 'for/from | start a sentence- using 'if' | start a sentence- using 'of/on/out' | start a sentence- using 'to' | start a sentence- using 'in' | start a sentence- using 'with' | start a sentence- using 'wh-family' words | start a sentence- using 'ing' form of verb | start a sentence- using 'past participle' | start a sentence- using '-ly words' | start a sentence- using 'pronoun' | start a sentence- miscellaneous ---- SAMPLE THIS: There are different ways to start a sentence in English. Using pronoun (I, we, you, they, he, she, it) is the most popular way to start a sentence. But there are many other words which are commonly used to start a sentence. They might be question words (what, where, etc.), present participles (verbs ending in -ing), past participles (third form of verbs) and others. Here, you will learn various words and phrases to start a sentence with. Important Note: Starting a sentence with 'and' or 'but' is correct or not! Using 'And' or 'But' to start a sentence is generally considered grammatically Incorrect. But there is no hard and fast rule in this regard. So, you can use 'And' or 'But' to start a sentence. But avoid excessive use of these words as Sentence Starter. Use these words in a beginning of a sentence only when they really give strength to your language. Note: It is said that a sentence should not be begun with a conjunction of any kind, especially one of the FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). But this is not hard and fast rule. Particularly in spoken English, starting a sentence with 'And' or 'But' is common. How to Start a Sentence -- Using 'AS'-- As a matter of fact no notice was given to anyone. As a policeman myself, I am aware of all the laws. As against last time 4 days, the fair will last for 5 days. As always, he won the match. As an interim arrangement, we directed the authorities not to return the land. As fate would have it, he crossed the international border. As fate would have it, he was Edwin's understudy. As for Hillary, she's doing fine. As for the surgery, surgeon makes an incision. As he got busy, she picked up his son. As he grew older, he developed his communications skills. As if the bad power situation in the city wasn't enough, the hike in power tariff has come as the last straw for residents. As in the past, party president distanced herself from the government's unpopular decision. As often happened, he forgot to send me reply. As part of the deal, country will hand-over control of five west bank towns. As penance, he vowed to never switch on his ceiling fan ever again. As per his version, nobody had got injured in the incident. As the bus was nearing, / As the bus neared him, he moved aside. As the war widened, we had to leave the city. As we progresses, it is going to become more and more difficult. As you know, I have sent him a letter. More Examples: As a result . . . As a rule . . . As he grew older he waited patiently for a . . . As an emergency measure . . . As an example . . . As an illustration . . . As being a latest technology . . . As explained by . . . As far as the promotion issue goes . . . As has been reported earlier . . . As identified by . . . As is the custom . . . As per our customs . . . As the day broke . . . As the earth/window shook . . . As things stand now/today . . . As time goes by . . .

Local Small Business Marketing

RRP $16.99

Do you have a local small business and want to know the most effective strategies for promoting it? If so, then this is the right book for you. In this book you will learn the most effective online and offline marketing strategies that every small local business should use to generate leads that eventually convert to clients. In this book you will learn about some of the top online marketing strategies for your local small business like SEO, the right way to do social media marketing, and even how to get publicity. You will also learn some of the top offline marketing strategies for your local small business or service like flier marketing, business card marketing, how to get on the radio, how to promote your business by creating a successful local event or workshop series, and many additional strategies. You will also learn top sales techniques to close sales and get the most out of the leads that come through your doors. If you are ready to truly grow your business, and make it a success, get this book, and let's begin your journey to making you an amazing marketer of your local small business and get the growth for it that you dream of.


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