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The Smaller Academic Library

RRP $268.99

As advertised, the book offers a source of strategies and practical solutions to vexing and recurrent problems which readers can tailor to their individual needs. By and large, the authors eschew the theoretical and anecdotal extremes in favor of applied, first-hand experience with good effect. The book is carefully edited, well indexed, has a serviceable binding, and clear sharp type. It is highly recommended as an important resource that belongs in the professional collection of every small academic library. Journal of Academic LibrarianshiP The Smaller Academic Library, which is a collection of thirty essays by diverse hands on the management of libraries in colleges of up to about 7,500 students, should help practitioners build that kind of leadership and sense of mission. It contains, in general, an excellent body of information on the administration, personnel, budgets and finance, collections, user programs and services, and physical plant that touches on virtually every aspect of the administration, management, and operation of smaller academic libraries in a lively and useful fashion. Wilson Library Bulletin This handbook is intended for librarians involved with smaller academic libraries, that is, those which serve institutions with enrollments from 200 to 7,500 students. Consisting of contributions from librarians actually working in these libraries, it is intended to provide solutions to recurrent problems. The contributors offer their own strategies for use both as models and as starting points from which readers may generate their own solutions. They possess a wide range of experience and discuss a broad spectrum of pertinent topics. This is apt considering the diverse character of smaller academic setting, may also evidence a common set of problems. Each chapter includes either references or a bibliography, and a bibliographic essay completes the volume.

Make Me (with Bonus Short Story Small Wars)

RRP $19.99

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY LOS ANGELES TIMES, THE GUARDIAN, AND SUSPENSE MAGAZINE Stephen King calls Jack Reacher the coolest continuing series character and now he s back in this masterly new thriller from Lee Child. Why is this town called Mother s Rest? That s all Reacher wants to know. But no one will tell him. It s a tiny place hidden in a thousand square miles of wheat fields, with a railroad stop, and sullen and watchful people, and a worried woman named Michelle Chang, who mistakes him for someone else: her missing partner in a private investigation she thinks must have started small and then turned lethal. Reacher has no particular place to go, and all the time in the world to get there, and there s something about Chang . . . so he teams up with her and starts to ask around. He thinks: How bad can this thing be? But before long he s plunged into a desperate race through LA, Chicago, Phoenix, and San Francisco, and through the hidden parts of the internet, up against thugs and assassins every step of the way right back to where he started, in Mother s Rest, where he must confront the worst nightmare he could imagine. Walking away would have been easier. But as always, Reacher s rule is: If you want me to stop, you re going to have to make me. Praise for Make Me Child s Reacher series has hit Book No. 20 with a resounding peal of wisecracking glee. Everything about it, starting with Reacher s nose for bad news, is as strong as ever. . . . The big guy s definitely on the upswing. The guy who writes about him is too. Janet Maslin, The New York Times Another winner. . . There s a reason why Child is considered the best of the best in the thriller genre: He can take all these strange elements and cliches and make them compelling and original. Associated Press A superb thriller. New York Daily News Child s complete command of the story makes this thriller work brilliantly. Publishers Weekly (starred review) I ve read all twenty of Lee Child s novels. Maybe there s something wrong with me. But I can t wait for the twenty-first. Malcolm Gladwell, The New Yorker [The Reacher series] is the current gold standard in the genre. . . . In Make Me Lee Child delivers another Jack Reacher specialty; the total knockout. Dayton Daily News Child serves up wingding plots, pithy dialogue, extraordinary background on intriguing topics, and cunningly constructed suspense. But what keeps us coming back by the millions is the chance to walk around in the skin of that big guy in the middle of everything. The Oregonian A dark thriller . . . Lee Child s Make Me, the twentieth in his wildly popular Jack Reacher series, delivers exactly what readers have come to expect from the perennial bestselling author: interesting characters, tight plots and page-turning action. . . . Readers won t be disappointed. Minneapolis Star Tribune Jack Reacher is back. . . . Readers new to this series will find this book a good starting point, and fans will be pleased to see Jack again. LibraryReads (Top Ten Pick) The reigning champ ups the ante. Booklist (starred review)"

A Financial Guide For Small Business

RRP $15.99

As the title suggests, this book is a financial guide for small business. It is an easy to read, straight to the point book based on forty years of accounting and finance experience by the author. It covers key areas of financial success for a small business such as: creating a purchasing manual, controlling and promoting labor efficiency, weekly profit and loss reporting, controlling utility costs, setting operating targets and influencing revenue growth. While this book targets small businesses already in existence, there is a bonus section on creating a business plan. In addition to the book, the reader gains access to fully developed and easy to alter templates created in either Microsoft Word or Excel for creating a Purchasing Manual along with commonly used forms to compliment the purchasing function. Two of these forms help with the complicated decision process concerning whether to invest in Property, Plant and Equipment or Major Repairs. There are other templates that may help in implementing a Weekly P&L Report. Also, available is a fully developed Business Plan that should help in the creation of this start-up document along with functional financial statements and functional supporting schedules. The book gives the reader a wealth of information and provokes some thought processes critical to financial success. It could be a financially rewarding tool for little investment.

Topstart Golf

RRP $51.95

While drying your sparkling clean ball on the dirty towel hanging from the ball washer, you take a deep breath and survey the scene. After teeing up your ball, you're immediately confronted with the first of many questions of detail-the nagging minutiae of golf. What's my target? Where do I stand? How do I stand?

For many, learning traditional golf is often confusing and complicated. Conflicting tips and extraneous motion produce a difficult, high-maintenance sport that few golfers master.

Combining the techniques of baseball and golf may be the answer. Hitting a ninety-five-mile-an-hour fastball is arguably one of the most difficult tasks in sports. But many golfers have trouble hitting a tiny golf ball lying motionless in the grass. Why? Author Tom Pezzuti offers a solution. Baseball does not use a backswing technique, and Pezzuti suggests this procedure lies at the root of many golf swing problems.

Topstart Golf shows you how baseball's hitting principles apply to your power stroke, and your pitch shots. If you are not a touring pro who practices six to eight hours a day, then you need low-maintenance, simpler methods of playing golf. Try Topstart Golf and watch your game soar!

Beyond A Small Town

RRP $13.99

A collection of slightly embellished essays and stories by Unionville, Connecticut native Peter Hassett. The stories cover politics, Vietnam, the 1970's, golf and the spirit of small town life.


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