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The Lawn Care Entrepreneur - A Start-up Manual

RRP $16.99

A good lawn is very often the central feature of a modern garden, whether in town or the countryside. It therefore needs much more care and very often extra expert care than many of the other plants in the garden. The properly maintained lawn is no longer just an area of grass but the backdrop or canvas for the rest of the garden. If the lawn looks good, so will the rest of the garden. Although this manual has been written with the professional gardener or aspiring lawn care specialist in mind, many of the aspects of lawn care within the volume are no more than practical advice which will be of interest and use to both the professional and amateur. This manual is business-oriented and in fact starts with generic questions about starting up a business plan and focuses down to launching a properly constituted lawn care business. It also outlines all the pitfalls of not only being in business for yourself but the implications of employing people, as well as all the anticipated issues which can result from contracting. It is constructed in such a way that whether you are thinking of starting a lawn care business or whether you are already involved, there will be something of use to you. Everything is included from how to go about your accounting to making your business legal...with even a section on the correct tools to acquire. It is written by an experienced gardener who has created a successful lawn care business and who is now passing on his experience by highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of not only working within the horticultural industry but how to go about building a business from scratch. The manual is written in a very readable and sympathetic way rather than in a technical and prescriptive style, so that it provides both an informal and informative reference source for all professional and semi-professional gardeners, without ignoring the amateur!

How To Be A Black Entrepreneur In The Age Of Connectivity

RRP $18.99

In this game-changing book by Brother Bedford, host of Conversations With Black Millionaire Entrepreneurs you'll discover: Why the Age of Connectivity provides you the best opportunity to start and grow your business. What every entrepreneur and business owner needs to have in place to be successful today. The #1 skill you must master to be successful in the Age of Connectivity and beyond.In How To Be a Black Entrepreneur in the Age of Connectivity, entrepreneur, author, publisher, consultant, trainer Brother Bedford peels the onion on entrepreneurship and what it really takes to be successful, make an impact, increase your value and income.

The Entrepreneurial Arch

RRP $75.00

As the number of universities offering entrepreneurial programs continues to increase, there is a growing need for a suitable framework for the teaching of entrepreneurship beyond the operational side of the business and the preparation of a business plan. This book offers a fresh approach to entrepreneurship by teaching readers how to discover and create a new firm, or grow an existing one, starting from a firm's or team's capabilities. The core methodology is based on the 'entrepreneurial arch' which provides a more holistic view of entrepreneurship by dividing the business development process into six distinct segments. An important feature of this model is the inclusion of learning units focusing on opportunity identification, business design and risk reduction before the business planning stage is attempted. Illustrated with various real-world examples, this structured and concise book will appeal to students, as well as to practitioners looking to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

How To Start A Chronic Illness Small Group Ministry

RRP $19.95

I'm thinking about starting a small group for people in my church who have a chronic illness but I don't really know where to start . . .I feel like God wants me to start a small group to encourage people with illness. How do I commit to it with my illness constantly changing? I've led a support group for people with illness in my community, but my pastor has asked me to consider something at my church. I'm a little bit scared of not having all the answers when it comes to my faith and my disease.I was sure God wanted me to start an illness small group in my church. But when I presented it to the pastoral team they didn't seem enthusiastic, and they told me to come back after my illness was better. I got the feeling they wanted me to be healed first. So. . . what now? Drawing from more than a decade's worth of feedback from hundreds of Christian small groups for those with chronic illness, author Lisa Copen will guide you through your concerns, worries, and questions and help you put your passion into action.You will discover: - What a chronic illness is & does it matter if it's invisible - A brief history of illness ministry in the medical community - Benefits of small group ministry for the individual & the church - How to lead when you are ill - Steps to formulate the purpose of your small group, the logistics, guidelines, and your vision - Preparing your presentation to church leadership - Planning your first meeting - Promotion and attendance tips - Maintaining a positive group when things get difficult - How to answer tough questions about healing and suffering - A special chapter on ways a church can make a significant difference in the lives of the chronically ill * Bonus checklist to follow along while you plan!

Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur Is Not A Singer!

RRP $13.99

Billy Sure is an inventor, the CEO of Sure Things, Inc., and a middle school student. But he is not a singer! How bad is he? Find out in the ninth book of a hilarious middle grade series!

Everyone is talking about Billy Sure, the genius inventor and CEO of Sure Things, Inc. Billy went from ordinary kid with a dream to millionaire with his very own company when he created the All Ball. What is the All Ball? The All Ball is the only ball you'll ever need. With a push of a button, you can turn the All Ball into any sports ball. Comes in two sizes. Large: soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, bowling ball. Small: baseball, hockey puck, tennis ball, golf ball, Ping-Pong ball. Now Billy wants to help other kids achieve their dreams.

Billy and Manny are thrilled to be guest judges on Sing Out and Shout, everyone's favorite singing competition TV show-that is, until they find out they're not judges, they're contestants! When Manny sings, everyone cheers. But when Billy takes the stage, his voice CRACKS! and breaks a mirror! How will Billy survive the competition? Could inventing a Magical Microphone do the trick?

Find out in this wacky story with funny black-and-white illustrations throughout.


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