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For courses in Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, and Starting a Business.

A Comprehensive, Practical Approach to Starting a Business

For fledgling entrepreneurs and business students, Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating A Small Businessuntangles the complex economic, financial, and professional considerations surrounding business ownership and operations.

In its Fourth Edition, Entrepreneurship takes a critical look at contemporary entrepreneurial successes, allowing students with a range of business interests to engage with and draw insight from the text. Balancing real-world case studies with thoughtful instruction, Entrepreneurship leads students to develop their business plans step by step, at the end of each chapter. This approach allows students to internalize different aspects of business ownership at a self-guided pace. The authors' combined business acumen and educational expertise make for a fluid transfer of business concepts between text, instructor, and student. Students will relish the opportunity to start drawing up a business plan right away, enhancing their experience both in and out of classroom.

Profile Of An Entrepreneur

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This is the book I wish I had read before I started a home business, but couldn't find. So I wrote it for you. You will get a candid inside look at the strengths, commitment and mindset needed to succeed. You'll understand the challenges and rewards awaiting you; and discover whether or not Network Marketing is right for you. If it is not, you will have clarity and powerful insights into how to cultivate and benefit from a positive, abundant mindset for Life. If a home business is right for you, there is nothing else like it anywhere! Whether you are just starting on the road to freedom or have been doing it awhile, there are many key insights that will help you focus, identify and ignite your passion. If you feel like there is something missing in your life but don't know quite what it is, this book may help you clarify your Why, as well as motivate and inspire you. As a new entrepreneur, this book will give you an opportunity to benefit from the author's mistakes, without having to make them yourself. Seasoned marketers and business owners will feel right at home and find fresh affirmation and encouragement. Includes inspirational quotes by Napoleon Hill, from his classic book, "Think and Grow Rich."

The Lawn Care Entrepreneur - A Start-up Manual

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A good lawn is very often the central feature of a modern garden, whether in town or the countryside. It therefore needs much more care and very often extra expert care than many of the other plants in the garden. The properly maintained lawn is no longer just an area of grass but the backdrop or canvas for the rest of the garden. If the lawn looks good, so will the rest of the garden. Although this manual has been written with the professional gardener or aspiring lawn care specialist in mind, many of the aspects of lawn care within the volume are no more than practical advice which will be of interest and use to both the professional and amateur. This manual is business-oriented and in fact starts with generic questions about starting up a business plan and focuses down to launching a properly constituted lawn care business. It also outlines all the pitfalls of not only being in business for yourself but the implications of employing people, as well as all the anticipated issues which can result from contracting. It is constructed in such a way that whether you are thinking of starting a lawn care business or whether you are already involved, there will be something of use to you. Everything is included from how to go about your accounting to making your business legal...with even a section on the correct tools to acquire. It is written by an experienced gardener who has created a successful lawn care business and who is now passing on his experience by highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of not only working within the horticultural industry but how to go about building a business from scratch. The manual is written in a very readable and sympathetic way rather than in a technical and prescriptive style, so that it provides both an informal and informative reference source for all professional and semi-professional gardeners, without ignoring the amateur!

Simple Steps For Starting A Youth Dance Ministry

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Simple Steps For Starting A Youth Dance Ministry is a compact resource for liturgical dancers and dance ministry leaders everywhere. This "how-to" was written with a new generation of liturgical dancers in mind, but is a valuable tool for well-established dance ministries and dance ministers throughout the body of Christ.

Secrets Of Successful Women Entrepreneurs

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There are many successful female entrepreneurs in the UK, yet most are not well known. This book shares the inspiring stories of ten successful women with lessons on overcoming challenges, gaining motivation and turning your dreams into reality. By following the author's Seven Steps to Success, you'll be able to put what you learn to practical use. The women entrepreneurs featured include: Linda Bennett Founder of LK Bennett; Josephine Carpenter, Founder of The Big JT; Julie Meyer, Founder of First Tuesday and Ariadne Capital; Michelle Mone, designer of the UltimoT Bra; Dr Marilyn Orcharton, creator of Denplan; Geetie Singh, creator of the world's first organic gastro pub; Dr Glenda Stone, Founder of Aurora Gender Capital Management (formerly Busy Girl); Penny Streeter, Founder of Ambition 24 hours; Helen Swaby, Founder of DeMontfort Fine Art; and Yvonne Thompson CBE, Founder of the first known black-owned and run PR agency in the UK. Sue Stockdale is a motivational speaker, successful businesswoman and record-breaking explorer. She is passionate about women's enterprise and on the Board of several organisations related to business start-up. Sue was the first British Woman to walk to the Magnetic North Pole in 1996 and has represented Scotland in athletics. She also finished runner-up in the Channel 4 show "Superhuman". Sue holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing.


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