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Entrepreneur Mindset

RRP $13.99

101 Ways to Develop a Successful Entrepreneur Mindset!

I have an important question for you

What separates business owner that has started multiple 7 figure companies vs. someone who is struggling to build even 1 successful company?

Want to know the answer? Lean in


It has nothing to do with luck, having start up money, a groundbreaking idea, or any other reason you might be thinking. It's your mindset!

I know because I used to have a "broke mindset" and I was "broke because of it. I shifted my mindset and now I have a thriving profitable business that allows me to travel the world, set my own schedule, and live the life of my dreams!

Do you want to know how I did it? And how thousands of others have done it?

Download my book right now and start building the business and lifestyle you have always wanted. You can develop a successful entrepreneur mindset!

You can be successful in business. But you need to start today building your mindset

A lot of the content in this book is straight from my $1,995 coaching programbut you can get started today to just a fraction of that and start building the successful business and entrepreneur mindset you have always wanted!

How To Attend A Conference Like A Bootstrapped Entrepreneur

RRP $12.99

Attending conferences can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. The key is creating a budget and sticking to it, so you are able to attend the conferences that will help your career. When I first started my business, I knew that attending conferences would be beneficial to my success, but I also thought as a startup it would be tough to scrap up some extra money to go. I decided to research the best possible ways to attend a conference, while saving the most money I could. I found that it doesn't have to be expensive, and now I want to share these tips with you. Whether you are a startup business, a blogger, or you have been in business for a long time, everyone can benefit from attending a conference. Plus, anybody could do with saving some money with their business travel.

Be A Young Entrepreneur

RRP $19.99

Calling all business-minded kids: this book is for you! If you've ever dreamed of starting your own business but have absolutely no idea where to begin, we've got good news for you. It's easy to succeed--as long as you've got a game plan. Be a Young Entrepreneur helps kids "think outside the box" and encourages them to be creative, make wise business decisions, and more. Youngsters will learn how to:

  • Choose a business that's right for them
  • Find--and keep--customers
  • Grow and expand a fledgling business
  • Harness ideas effectively
  • Network and problem-solve
  • Budget, market, and publicize
  • Much more
Memorable advice, case studies of successful teen entrepreneurs, and a series of Start Up tips will inspire and inform youngsters who dream of making it big in business.

Start Your Own Computer Business

RRP $75.00

From buying and selling PC hardware to product development and selling services, "Start Your Own Computer Business: The Unembellished Guide" offers a realistic picture of making it on your own. Bestselling author, Morris Rosenthal, has 15 years of experience in the computer business, building and repairing thousands of PCs and helping hundreds of customers. The book mixes practical advice and cautions with real-world anecdotes of successes and failures. Dollars and cents play a prominent role in the book, as Rosenthal stresses that the real challenge of succeeding in the computer business is the business part of the equation. Managing employees, inventory and scarce financial resources are covered, along with how to remain sane and when to quit. The book is illustrated with a series of original cartoons on the computer business subject.

Connecting Mum Entrepreneurs Manual

RRP $75.00

Over 120 unique exercises to help mums and women map out and -identify their networks and find those key connections they can use to skyrocket their business. Perfect with the Connecting Mum Entrepreneurs book!

The manual takes you through the actual steps of how to quantify your current connections and rethink them in quality ways to help you find the right strategic partners.

The manual will guide you through:

  • Identifying your aims in business related to your core values
  • Help you deal with the most common concerns women have in business
  • Different ways you can understand your unique connection map
  • Develop a complete picture and understanding of every person you know
  • Learn to identify unique, hidden opportunities in your network or in a 1-Away network
  • Turning chaotic networks into strategic ones
  • Discovering your purpose and passions to reinvent and revitalise your business


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