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For courses in Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, and Starting a Business.

A Comprehensive, Practical Approach to Starting a Business

For fledgling entrepreneurs and business students, Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating A Small Businessuntangles the complex economic, financial, and professional considerations surrounding business ownership and operations.

In its Fourth Edition, Entrepreneurship takes a critical look at contemporary entrepreneurial successes, allowing students with a range of business interests to engage with and draw insight from the text. Balancing real-world case studies with thoughtful instruction, Entrepreneurship leads students to develop their business plans step by step, at the end of each chapter. This approach allows students to internalize different aspects of business ownership at a self-guided pace. The authors' combined business acumen and educational expertise make for a fluid transfer of business concepts between text, instructor, and student. Students will relish the opportunity to start drawing up a business plan right away, enhancing their experience both in and out of classroom.

Sample Entrepreneurship Project Proposal

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This manual gives a sample of what an entrepreneurship project form the environment can be. Ideally every student should be self employed upon finishing college. This self employment should be based on making practical the final project, be it entrepreneurship or research project. Since the world is running short of ideas of how to tackle unemployment, entrepreneurship offers that opportunity for innovation. This book helps lay that foundation...and its big thinking...since students are the future managers of mega projects, they need to start thinking big early enough. Its practical envoentrpreneurship, aiming at helping solve poverty and other social problems bedeviling the contemporary society, largely associated with idle educated minds.

International Entrepreneurship

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Combining comprehensive coverage with a wide variety of real-life cases, International Entrepreneurship gives you the tools you need to successfully launch international ventures in today's hypercompetitive world. Bestselling author Dr. Robert D. Hisrich helps students and entrepreneurs develop global business plans, select international opportunities, and determine the best entry strategy. The text also covers practical considerations such as legal concerns, the global monetary systems, global marketing, and global human resource management for entrepreneurs. NEW TO THIS EDITION: *New global case studies from recent entrepreneurial ventures illustrate relevant application of the principles in the modern market *New profiles of global entrepreneurs throughout the world start each chapter to inspire readers and keep them engaged with the material *New coverage of Virtual Team includes tips on how to foster virtual team collaborate and maximize the effectiveness of virtual teams.

Start Workbook

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The START Leadership Workbook is a companion to the book START: Lead Well, Be Well, Do Well. It contains the processes, worksheets, and methods of START's universal leadership approach, adapted specifically for parents of Pre K to College age kids. The processes and methods work together to create an affirmative family culture that actively develops essential leadership skills in your kids--the skills they need to thrive in a highly competitive world.

Inside, you'll find the step by step tools and plans you need to optimize individual and family dynamics to create a culture of leadership and engagement where kids are inspired to develop the attributes and master the skills that are essential to success in a highly competitive, ever-changing world.

"If the highly stressed students I see had gone through this program, they wouldn't be in my office. They would have developed better tools, become more resilient, and have a better perspective on life."

Mother and Psychiatrist at University of Pennsylvania

"Using START Leadership has made me more effective at work and at home - I'm modeling, teaching, and reinforcing a leadership approach for my team and my kids. We're all becoming better leaders."

Father and Manager at Workday

"We have seen the impact START makes on developing essential leadership skills while building social and emotional capacity and connection. By shifting to a leadership mindset and committing to the START approach, you and your kids will reap the benefits now, and in the future."

Bill Brady, Leadership Director, The Haverford School (PA)

How To Get Published In The Best Entrepreneurship Journals

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Competition to publish in the top journals is fierce. This book provides entrepreneurship researchers with relevant material and insights to support them in their efforts to publish their research in the most prestigious entrepreneurship outlets. This essential guide to publishing in entrepreneurship brings together a wealth of contributors, all of whom have published in the leading entrepreneurship journals. Based on their experiences as researchers and editors, they bring useful hands-on advice and insight into the research publication process. Both fledgling and experienced entrepreneurship faculty members will find this an essential resource as they strive towards publication in A-ranked entrepreneurship or management journals.


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