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A Small Business Guide To Doing Payroll

RRP $18.99

If you own a small business with employees, you probably know how cumbersome, complicated and confusing payroll can be. Aspects of payroll such as social security, taxes, as well as state and federal payroll guidelines can make payroll seem overwhelming. This guide will show you the steps to do payroll for your small business effectively and efficiently. We'll cover how to do payroll using HR payroll software and payroll time clock software, as well as review some of the most popular payroll software packages on the market today. If you just started your business, you probably have heard all about Quickbooks; that's not your only option, however. This book will show you what payroll is and what software is out there to help you.

Business Partnering

RRP $341.99

A Business Partner is a professional who supports and advises strategic and operational decision-making through insights that drive better business performance. Often as a result of external changes, business partners must respond quickly to map out the future strategic development, keep the firm competitive and ensure all objectives and legal requirements are met.

In this book, business partnering expert Steven Swientozielskyj introduces a framework that provides a set of practical tools and techniques via a simple six stage model that, when replicated, will take the practitioner from start to finish through strategic change; from the formation and agreement of the strategy to its delivery and sustainability.

Business Partnering is a one-stop shop for understanding this important phenomenon and as such will be vital reading for practitioners and academics in the business arena.

Business Planning

RRP $256.99

This practical guide to the entire business planning process from start to finish provides a framework for: * conceiving the vision of the firm * defining the purpose of the firm, its overall business mission * setting business goals and strategies for achieving them * understanding the external environment and competitive setting outside the firm * establishing operating plans for major functions * implementing control and review processes and * executing the plan, providing signposts when changes in strategy will be needed This comprehensive approach to planning is presented in a concise, easy-to-read manner by a seasoned planning professional to help you achieve success. Entrepreneurs undertaking a start-up, owners of small businesses seeking to grow, corporate planners interested in refocusing their strategy and mission, and not-for-profit organizations or government agencies looking to improve performance will find this book useful. More than that, it provides the theoretical underpinnings for business planning, the rationale, as well as the road map. The author has extensive experience writing and reviewing actual business plans for his clients as well as those of his students, many of whom bring their experiences as midcareer professionals to bear. This book provides the practitioner and the business student with an understanding of the importance of business planning, suggestions for how to approach the planning process and where to find resources, and a framework for business plan preparation and implementation. The three core purposes of the business plan--to identify various possible courses of action, to provide a frame of reference for making decisions that will work toward the company's goals, and to establish both short-term and long-term objectives--are useful for firms of any size or age: entrepreneurial start-ups, small businesses, major corporations, global firms, nonprofits, and government agencies.

What's Next? 10-point Plan For Starting Over

RRP $15.99

*Coping with the death of a loved one, separation, divorce, job loss, career change & retirement* No matter what happens life must go on. But if you're the one going through a life crisis, it's not easy to pick up the broken pieces and put them back together again. When the peace and security of life as you know it gets stolen from you, it doesn't much matter if the loss happens suddenly, one day when you least expect it, or slowly while you watch. This is not a movie. This is your life, and you feel it deeply because there's blood, sweat and tears involved. Loss and shock brings grief and pain, and processing these emotions is hard. There's confusion, anger, trauma, stress, conflict, and loneliness, and it can lead to poverty, depression, addiction and suicide. This guide will make the process less scary. Use it to transform your life and help you get on your way to a new life of increased happiness. It's a quick read that will prepare you for what you have to do next. There is strategy and inspiration. Everything in life is temporary and our dreams and sorrows are as big as we make them. Don't wait for your spirit to break or the other shoe to fall. This is the perfect tool to help you get unstuck, discover a new life purpose, and create the life you want. 'What's NEXT? 10-Point Plan for Starting Over' is a life planner for taking care of you and your lifestyle, and a workbook for managing stress, risk and money. It's a survival guide for anybody who's trying to cope with a big event and for those wanting to help someone else. Anyone going through separation and divorce; or grieving from the loss of a loved one; or having to change their lifestyle and start over because of a job loss, career change, retirement, or financial problems will get something out of this book. HOW WILL THIS BOOK HELP YOU? Everyone suffers loss at some point in their lives. Despite that, we're unprepared to deal with the aftermath, no matter how brave a face we put on. These big events are like tsunamis that roll in & out quickly, but leave a trail of devastation. This book will help you heal & reinvent yourself. It helps you with: The sorrow of losing a loved one & breakup Anxiety & listlessness Feeling lost & confused Negativity, worry, depression, mental toughness Anger & sleep issues Positive self-talk & meditation Building confidence & gaining courage Financial & banking transactions Getting control of cash flow & expenses Assets & liabilities, & budgeting Earning money, income benefits & cash payouts Networking, forming alliances & ways & means Figuring out what you love to do Carrying the load without feeling overwhelmed Job hunting, online search tactics & hidden job markets Strategies for career change & retirement Lifestyle changes, security & risk, stress Setting goals & finding passion Starting over after a relationship split or the death of a partner is traumatic. Living alone is lonely & money gets tighter. This book will help you recover from heartbreak & disappointment, & prepare financial family statements. In today's job market, if you lose your job you'll have a hard time finding new employment. You may have to consider re-training & a career change. Are you retiring? You also have work/lifestyle issues. This book has new ideas for networking, job search, resume & self-promotion, & self-employment tips. If you lose your home or your business fails, there's financial loss & failure. This book helps with money problems & self-confidence & gives you ideas & strategies for starting over. When graduates can't get jobs & are hamstrung by student debt, they move in with their parents. A loss of a parent is a double whammy for millennials, especially if parents were helping raise the grandkids. This book has tools for you to become independent. What's NEXT? 10-Point Plan for Starting Over is a parachute for flying high & landing on your fee"

How To Build A Farming Business (special Edition)

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to launch and run a successful business venture.


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