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Think Small, Grow Big

RRP $29.99

The advertising industry stands on its head since the arrival of web 2.0. With nearly two billion people online, the role of traditional media is under pressure and the consumer is increasingly dissatisfied with information overload and invasive commercial messaging. Unwilling to trust traditional brand marketing, the consumer is seeking advice online, discovering from other buyers which brands are worth committing to. In this revolutionary atmosphere, how can marketers and advertisers communicate their brand message effectively? Think Small, Grow Big is a survival guide for the marketing professional looking for answers and a clear road map for navigating social media. By reading Think Small, Grow Big, both seasoned and novice marketers and entrepreneurs will learn: / how to focus on customer service by using dialogue marketing and social networking to develop businesses. / how to appreciate current customers and their needs instead of trying to grab new customers without following through on marketing promises. / that when current customers are happy, they will become ambassadors, bringing in others and growing the brand. / that success is about relationship building beyond a sale, about using trust dialogue and friendly recommendations to build brand awareness, about keeping customers satisfied, and then growing BIG. "Ab Kuijer has managed to create what many are looking for: a simple and relevant "how to" book for social media."-Maarten Albarda, VP Global Connections, Anheuser-Busch InBev "Mandatory reading for all start-ups (and their investors) who want to grow BIG!"-Candace Johnson, co-initiator of SES ASTRA and SES Global, the world's pre-eminent satellite system AB KUIJER is a (social) media activist. He has broad experience in the communications field as a journalist, radio host, film and television producer, writer, and blogger. He is the founder and creative director of international communication agency JuniorSenior, based in Amsterdam. Kuijer was elected Europe's Best Youth Marketing Expert in 2010 by the Youth Research Partners. He frequently gives lectures and workshops on the innovation and application of social media. You can visit him online at Follow Ab on Twitter:

A Financial Guide For Small Business

RRP $15.99

As the title suggests, this book is a financial guide for small business. It is an easy to read, straight to the point book based on forty years of accounting and finance experience by the author. It covers key areas of financial success for a small business such as: creating a purchasing manual, controlling and promoting labor efficiency, weekly profit and loss reporting, controlling utility costs, setting operating targets and influencing revenue growth. While this book targets small businesses already in existence, there is a bonus section on creating a business plan. In addition to the book, the reader gains access to fully developed and easy to alter templates created in either Microsoft Word or Excel for creating a Purchasing Manual along with commonly used forms to compliment the purchasing function. Two of these forms help with the complicated decision process concerning whether to invest in Property, Plant and Equipment or Major Repairs. There are other templates that may help in implementing a Weekly P&L Report. Also, available is a fully developed Business Plan that should help in the creation of this start-up document along with functional financial statements and functional supporting schedules. The book gives the reader a wealth of information and provokes some thought processes critical to financial success. It could be a financially rewarding tool for little investment.

Climate Change And Tradition In A Small Island State

RRP $336.99

The citizens of the Marshall Islands have been told that climate change will doom their country, and they have seen confirmatory omens in the land, air, and sea. This book investigates how grassroots Marshallese society has interpreted and responded to this threat as intimated by local observation, science communication, and Biblical exegesis. With grounds to dismiss or ignore the threat, Marshall Islanders have instead embraced it; with reasons to forswear guilt and responsibility, they have instead adopted in-group blame; and having been instructed that resettlement is necessary, they have vowed instead to retain the homeland. These dominant local responses can be understood as arising from a pre-existing, vigorous constellation of Marshallese ideas termed "modernity the trickster": a historically inspired narrative of self-inflicted cultural decline and seduction by Euro-American modernity. This study illuminates islander agency at the intersection of the local and the global, and suggests a theory of risk perception based on ideological commitment to narratives of historical progress and decline.

Foreign Direct Investment And Economic Growth

RRP $243.99

Institutions And Small Settler Economies

RRP $315.99

Are institutions the main cause of sustained economic growth? Institutions and Small Settler Economies provides a comprehensive improvement in our understanding of institutional contributions to economic growth based on North, Wallis and Weingast's (NWW) institutional theory. In this exciting new volume, Schlueter offers a substantial range of novel insights into the socio-economic development trajectories of two deliberately selected New World economies: New Zealand and Uruguay. This study sets itself apart from other publications through its impartial analysis of the strengths and limitations of leading institutional scholarship, as well as its rigorous comparative methodology involving a substantial set of quantitative and qualitative data.


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