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Identification Of Dynamical Systems With Small Noise

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Small noise is a good noise. In this work, we are interested in the problems of estimation theory concerned with observations of the diffusion-type process Xo = Xo, 0 ~ t ~ T, (0. 1) where W is a standard Wiener process and St(') is some nonanticipative smooth t function. By the observations X = {X , 0 ~ t ~ T} of this process, we will solve some t of the problems of identification, both parametric and nonparametric. If the trend S(-) is known up to the value of some finite-dimensional parameter St(X) = St((}, X), where (} E e c Rd , then we have a parametric case. The nonparametric problems arise if we know only the degree of smoothness of the function St(X), 0 ~ t ~ T with respect to time t. It is supposed that the diffusion coefficient c is always known. In the parametric case, we describe the asymptotical properties of maximum likelihood (MLE), Bayes (BE) and minimum distance (MDE) estimators as c --+ 0 and in the nonparametric situation, we investigate some kernel-type estimators of unknown functions (say, StO,O ~ t ~ T). The asymptotic in such problems of estimation for this scheme of observations was usually considered as T --+ 00 , because this limit is a direct analog to the traditional limit (n --+ 00) in the classical mathematical statistics of i. i. d. observations. The limit c --+ 0 in (0. 1) is interesting for the following reasons.

Ecophysiology Of Small Desert Mammals

RRP $55.00

Since small mammals have a large surface to mass ratio, one would expect them to quickly dehydrate and perish at high environmental temperatures. Nonetheless, a large number of small mammal species inhabit deserts. This fascinating phenomenon is investigated by Prof. A. Allan Degen in his book.
The majority of small desert mammals are rodents, but shrews of several grams and small foxes of 1 kg are also present. Their survival is due mainly to behavioural adaptations and habitat selection, however, physiological adaptations also contribute to the success. Interestingly, many small mammals that live in different deserts of the world show similarities in their adaptive traits although they have different taxonomic affinities.

Small Universal Cellular Automata In Hyperbolic Spaces

RRP $574.99

Hyperbolic geometry is an essential part of theoretical astrophysics and cosmology. Besides specialists of these domains, many specialists of new domains start to show a growing interest both to hyperbolic geometry and to cellular automata. This is especially the case in biology and computer science. This book gives the reader a deep and efficient introduction to an algorithmic approach to hyperbolic geometry. It focuses the attention on the possibilities to obtain in this frame the power of computing everything a computer can compute, that is to say: universality. The minimal ways to get universality are investigated in a large family of tilings of the hyperbolic plane. In several cases the best results are obtained.In all cases, the results are close to the theoretical best values. This gives rise to fantastic illustrations: the results are jewels in all meanings of the word. ------------------------ Maurice MARGENSTERN is professor emeritus at the University of Lorraine, he is a member of LITA, the research unit of computer science in the campus of Metz of this university. Professor Margenstern is amongst top world experts in theory of computation, mathematical machines and geometry. He is a pioneer in cellular automata in hyperbolic spaces.

Real World Investing

RRP $16.45

If you are looking for a book that explains all the intricacies of investing this is not the book for you. However, if your need is for better understanding of the investment process then you have found the right tool. "Real World Investing" provides practical information and important insight into how the investment world works. Whether you go on to manage a pension fund, your family's money, your own 401(k) account at work, or just want to know what's happening inside a mutual fund you happen to own, this book will help you make sense of it.

"Real World Investing" will teach you...

  • How to create an investment strategy based on your personal financial goals
  • What you need to know about risk
  • Ways to build a healthy portfolio
  • How to prepare for the most common investment reason - retirement

Perhaps most importantly, you will come to realize that money itself is not a goal. It is not the prize you should seek. To some it is a gift, and to all it is a tool. "Real World Investing" will help you be the best steward of the money that you have.

Gary Silverman is the founder and lead adviser at Personal Money Planning, a fee-only financial planning firm. Gary's clients are what he calls normal folks. As a Certified Financial Planner(R), he manages their investments and guides them through the financial ups and downs of life. When asked how he got started in this field (his background being nuclear power and submarines), he'll tell you about a professional who helped him lose half of his money in a bull market. He figured he could do at least as good and maybe learn something in the process. Gary makes his home in Wichita Falls, Texas with wife, Joanne, and their bouncy dog, Melvin.

A Very Small Rebellion

RRP $15.95

The man in the poster is Louis Riel, and in this powerfully wrought historical novel by Jan Truss, Paul Gauthier has been chosen to play Riel in a school play at a time in his life when new menaces threaten the small Metis settlement where he lives with his family.

Convinced that such menaces can be fought with the same spirit that emboldened Riel, Paul and his young Indian friend Simon Buffalo set out to thwart a government plan to raze the settlement to make room for a new highway.


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